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Teaching Earth Science content is a unique mix of time-tested, well-known information and cutting-edge, breaking news. These links will help you find lessons and content for your classroom, at your level. Many of these links are collections of lessons that you will need time to peruse. 

Multi-topic Collections


National Earth Science Teacher's Association

 NESTA features stellar resources that you can use with your students and that can enhance your own content knowledge and pedagogy. Check out the resource collections, image banks, and portals. 

National Science Teaching Association (NSTA)


These classroom resources—over 800 lesson plans, book chapters, videos, simulations, and more—are vetted by NSTA curators who recommend ways to adapt them to be more in line with the vision of the NGSS.

While these resources are not yet considered to be “fully aligned” to the NGSS, the curators provide expert guidance on how to adapt them. Resources that are “fully aligned” should meet the rigorous criteria of the EQuIP rubric, which means they are three-dimensional in nature, have coherence across lessons and units, provide a number of important instructional supports, and provide methods to monitor student progress. Work is underway by Achieve to identify exemplar lessons and resources that meet this vision.

Earth 2 Class


E2C is a unique science/math/technology resource for K-12 teachers, students, the general public, and geoscientists. It is a collaboration among researchers and an Earth Science educator at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University; technology integration specialists from Colégio Bandeirantes, São Paulo, Brasil; and classroom teachers from New York, New Jersey, and elsewhere.

Science Education Resource Center (SERC)

 Whether you're an undergraduate faculty member or a K-12 science teacher our suite of partner projects have materials you can use today. Connect with a community of peers as they share what really works in their classrooms. 


 Bring the wonder of space to your students. Explore our universe of science, technology, engineering and math activities and resources.